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volunteer to give a ride

Public transportation in our region is limited; our communities rely greatly on volunteer transportation to fill in gaps and increase access to essential needs.


Multiple volunteer driver programs provide local and cross locality pre-scheduled transportation.


The coordination of these services is managed through the RTC Mobility Center (known publicly as the FAMS Call Center). Individual requests are serviced by mobility specialists through a central phone line and access point.

The mobility center provides access to all available transportation information, routes/schedules, volunteer transportation, private providers, gas card programs, mobility programs, and more.


learn more about our partner volunteer driver programs

our volunteers make a HUGE impact

FY22 Data


Requirements      Benefits

  • Age 21+

  • Valid VA License

  • Proof of Insurance

  • Background Check

  • DMV Check

  • Brief Training

  • Choose Your Times

  • Choose Your Location

  • Choose Your Rides

  • Drive as much or as little as you can. 

  • Drive our vehicles or yours. 

  • Volunteer Liability Coverage

  • Comradery

  • Training & Education

  • Tax Deduction




200+ Volunteer Drivers

4,500+ Rides

2,000+ Transportation Services

20,000+ Hours Donated

100,000+ Miles Driven

$500k+ Equivalent Donation

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